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Will the Vatican please explain!

Vati Leaks - Tuesday, April 16, 2013
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The Holy See claims that Hormisdas (d. 523) became pope in 514, and with that admission we see a major anomaly in the Vatican’s presentation of the development of the papacy. It is found in Hormisdas’s name, which is Persian for Ahura Mazda, the Zoroastrian god and father of Mithras. The Vatican made this comment; ‘His name presents an interesting problem’, adding; ’St. Hormisdas owes his canonization to an unofficial tradition’¹. Simply put, Hormisdas and his ‘considerable numbers of recalcitrant bishops’², were devotees of Ahura Mazda supporting Mithraic doctrine that had nothing to do with Catholicism.

Hormisdas was one of many Mithraic fathers whose titles the Vatican usurped and falsely presented as Catholic popes in an attempt to provide a record of the boasted ‘uninterrupted apostolic succession’ back to St. Peter. ‘The chief of the (Mithraic) fathers, a sort of pope, who always lived at Rome, was called Pater Patrum’³. The Vatican admitted that the ‘elections’ of some of its Popes ‘are a mystery’, and ‘many interlopers procured their own elevation to the chair of St. Peter’4. Thus we find that there are centuries of Catholic history with no ‘real’ popes, and the Vatican’s claim of ‘apostolic succession’ that purports to trace an unbroken line of bishops back to Mark and so to Peter, slides into the realm of fantasy.

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