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Why aren't Christians told about this?

Vati Leaks - Monday, December 10, 2012
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Nazareth never existed in the first 1200 years of the present era. It is not shown on Roman or Jewish maps of the period, and goes unmentioned in the Old Testament, the Talmud, and ‘the Dead Sea Scrolls’ (‘New Catholic Encyclopedia’, Farley Ed., Vol. x, p. 285). The ‘Epistles’ attributed to Paul that make up around half of the New Testament fail to mention Nazareth, and Flavius Josephus, probably the most extensive chronicler of the First Century, painstakingly listed all towns and cities of the Province, but never mentioned Nazareth. That it is described as a ‘city’ in the Gospel of Matthew (Matt 2:23) eliminates one theory that it was too small to be documented on maps.

The most orthodox Vatican encyclopedias admit that ‘difficulties abound with Nazareth’ (‘Encyclopedia Biblica’, 1914 Ed, ‘Nazareth’, Cheyne), saying that at the period ascribed to the life of Jesus Christ in the Gospels; ‘There was not, at this time, the beginning of our era, any city called Nazareth’ (ibid). The Vatican adds that ‘two documents of the Fourth Century allude to this place [Nazareth] and two others of the sixth and seventh centuries’ (‘Catholic Encyclopedia’, Farley Ed., Vol., x, pp. 725-726). Allusion indeed, as Nazareth did not come into being until the Twelfth Century and ‘with the non-existence of Nazareth in the First Century, nothing in the Gospels can be true’ (‘Nazareth, the City’, Dr. B. G. Stanton, London, c. 1905, p. 76).


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