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Sell what you've got, and give it to the Vatican

Vati Leaks - Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Many passages might be discussed, but the few examples presented here suffice to show the dishonesty of the papal office. The ‘new’ New Testament contained a fictitious account of the ‘institution of the mass’, and stressed the necessity of ‘annual pilgrimages to Rome to bring alms‘. The words, ‘religion’, Pope, and ‘Holy Mother Church‘, were added throughout the text, noting that they do not appear in earlier New Testaments. Jesus Christ was made to say; ‘Do not join yourself in the sacrament of marriage with unbelievers’ and, ‘Ye keep my commandments as I left them to with you by tradition, and reward me with alms’. To overcome the notion of priesthood celibacy, this passage was forged into existence; ‘Give us a woman to serve us with the gospel, and remember us with her goods’.


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