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‘Scared about the Mayan prophesy? Leave your possessions to the Church’

Vati Leaks - Wednesday, December 19, 2012
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This is a suggestion made by a Chilean bishop. Meanwhile, the Holy See’s official newspaper, ‘L’Osservatore Romano’ says the world is not coming to an end. Not for now at least.

Mauro Pianta
Rome, December, 2012

Is the world on the brink of oblivion as the Mayan prophesy suggests? Do you fear for your property as much as you do for your soul? Fear not: the Chilean Catholic Church has a solution. Fides news agency has reported that the bishop of the Diocese of Punto Arenas in Chile, Mgr. Bernardo Bastres Florence, advised all ‘concerned’ individuals to leave their property to the Catholic Church. A sort of anti-Mayan will then.

The bishop said: ‘So many people think the world is going to end on 21 December? Well, would be more than happy for people to leave their possessions and property to the Church if they so wish. I assure you that after 21 December – the Salesian went on to say – we will pray for them eternally, because I am certain we will still be alive after that date. If people want to leave and go somewhere far from here, they would be doing us an enormous favour by leaving their possessions to the Church’. That’s Salesian pragmatism for you.

The bishop concluded: ‘This story about the world coming to an end is just drivel. I’m not in the least bit worried, my diary’s full until next year; if we die it’ll be God’s will’.

Meanwhile, ‘L’Osservatore Romano’, published an article on the Mayan prophesy on its front page, titled ‘La fine che non verrà (almeno per ora)’ (‘The end which will not come (at least not now)’) by the Vatican Observatory’s Jesuit director, José Funes.

The Argentinean priest underlined that ‘it is not worth debating over the scientific basis for these statements (which are obviously false)’ and although he admitted that the study of Mayan astronomy is ‘fascinating’, he recalled that it ‘was developed for political and religious purposes, because of the obsession with time cycles’. Now, according to the modern scientific theory of ‘inflation’ ‘the universe will, in the very distant future – we’re talking about billions and billions of years – end up being ‘torn apart’. ‘This is as much as cosmology has to say on the future of the universe, that has any scientific basis, ’ but ‘it is important to stress that our understanding, although quite advanced, is not complete’.

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