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Priests who ‘crash’

Vati Leaks - Monday, November 05, 2012
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Are children safer in Church under the care of a Catholic priest, or are they safer thousands of feet in the air defying gravity in a modern-day jet aircraft? Priests in charge of seminarian formation in the Church of Rome in Boston recently compared millennia-old child sexual abuse crimes by Catholic priests to the safety of the modern-day American airline industry. Father Chris O’Connor, vice-rector at St. John’s Seminary made this comment:

‘Priests are like airplanes. Most of them take off and land, take off and land, and everything’s fine. You only hear about the ones who crash’.

This is priesthood delusion at its highest form, and is nothing more than a pious assumption based on how Catholic priests perceive themselves to be amidst the worldwide epidemic of priesthood sexual abuse of innocent children raging in their institution. What we don’t hear about are the thousands of priesthood ‘crashes’ that for decades the Holy See painstakingly conspired to suppress from public view.

Shock poll results

In a general sense, Catholic priests have been exposed as a group of weird, sexually-repressed men who abuse children at an alarmingly high rate. The very fact that they expound a ‘gospel’ that has no historic basis and is full of forged Christ narratives makes them even weirder. In 2002 a ‘Wall-Street Journal-NBC News’ poll revealed that 64% of people polled were of the belief that priests ‘frequently’ abuse children, and incontrovertible evidence establishes that this is a long-term fact of Catholic history. Vatican apologists opine that ‘only’ 4 to 10 percent of American priests have been accused of sexually abusing children, but figures slowly and constantly emerging from USA Law Courts reveal that the true figure of accused Catholic priests in America alone is likely to be somewhere between 45 to 55 per cent of the total number of priests operating in Catholicism in that country.

Pilots verses priests

The last U.S. accident involving a large jetliner was in November 2001, and only 140 airline passengers have been killed since 2002. That’s great news for aviation companies and their passengers. However, the Catholic Church cannot boast such impressive figures, for the death rate by suicide alone of victims of paedophile priests far exceeds that figure, and the number of innocent children raped and molested by Catholic priests in the last 10 years in the USA alone may be as high as 300,000.

So let’s look at some facts. If we compare what the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reports about its results and contrast them with what the Roman Catholic Church National Review Board (NRB) documents, here is what we discovery:

1. The crash rate in the US aviation industry is eight million to one. Using the Vatican’s own figures, the ‘crash’ rate of Catholic priests is 4-10%. However, figures compiled external to the Church reveal that the true ‘crash’ rate of Catholic priests is somewhere around 50%, that being one in every two US priests.

2. There have been 62 major air crashes since 1950. In that same time, thousands of Catholic priests have been accused of molesting innocent children.

3. There are over 900,000 licensed US airline pilots, and not one is known to have been convicted of paedophilia. The number of active US priests has been determined at 39,718, and using the Vatican’s sanitized figures, the number of ‘crashed’ priests in the US is between 1588 and 3971. However, the true figure is more likely to be around 20,000.

4. Air accidents are fastidiously investigated until causes are established. In direct contrast, the Vatican protects predator priests from public scrutiny, suppresses the extent of their crimes, and secretly moves them to new locations to continue molesting innocent kids.

5. Air accident data base is extensive and freely available to the public. The ‘accident’ data base of paedophile priests in the Catholic Church is top secret, and is held in the Vatican under the protection of popes.

6. The aviation industry honours its settlements to families of victims without dispute. Settlements to victims of Catholic priesthood sex crimes are purposely delayed for years in bitter court battles in attempts by the Vatican to avoid financial payouts.

On the balance, Catholic priests do far more harm than good, and thus the question is this; ‘Is it safer for a child to fly on an airplane full of explosive aviation fuel or to attend a Roman Catholic Church to be told by a priest about ‘Christian values’?’

You do the figures.


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