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Nostradamus’s close encounter with the Inquisition

Vati Leaks - Tuesday, August 18, 2015
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It is perhaps worth noting that in 1538, the famous 16th Century French seer, Michel de Nostradame (Nostradamus), then aged 35, was accused of heresy because of a casual comment he made to a group of workmen.

As he walked past a foundry where staff were building a mould to cast bronze statues of the Virgin Mary, Nostradamus nonchalantly commented that they were ‘making devils for the devil’, which was taken as a blatant affront to the Catholic Church.

The workmen reported Nostradamus to the Vatican’s Inquisitors, and he was ordered to be immediately arrested and taken in chains to Toulouse to stand trial. However, Nostradamus, having no desire to be burnt at the stake, fled to Venice and later sailed from southern Italy across the Mediterranean to Alexandria in Egypt where he lived for six years, safe from the flames of the murderous churchmen.


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