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False papal statements issued by Vatican Press Office

Vati Leaks - Wednesday, March 13, 2013
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On October 16th, 1978, Cardinal Karol Jozef Wojtyla (1920-2005) was elected to the papacy of the Holy See and assumed the appellation of Pope John Paul II. Immediately after his elevation, the Vatican’s propaganda machine moved into action, and issued its first false statement, resulting in this comment:

‘While John Paul II was addressing the nature of the future relationship between Rome and Warsaw, the Vatican Press Office, aided by other Curial elements, was busily engaged rewriting Wojtyla’s past; their lies duped experienced Vatican reporters, along with the naïve’.

(‘The Power and the Glory’, David Yallop, Constable and Robinson Ltd, London, p. 27)

The Vatican handed out untrue accounts to dozens of international journalists and reporters and they subsequently appeared in media reports the world over and were accepted as true. One who was fooled was Father Andrew M. Greeley, an American priest/columnist living in Rome at the time who wrote a syndicated column for over 100 global outlets. He compiled his editorial from the false Vatican Press Release that presented blatant lies about Wojtyla’s activities during the war years. It said, in part:

‘As a young man during the Second World War, Wojtyla was active in an underground movement which assisted Jews. He helped them find shelter, to acquire false identification papers, and to escape from the country. He was blacklisted by the Nazis for helping Jews, and one of the reasons for his remaining hidden was to avoid arrest by the Nazis’.

‘After the war he defended the Jews who remained in Cracow from Communist anti-Semitism. He helped to organize the permanent care of the Cracow Jewish cemetery after that cemetery had been desecrated by secret police-inspired thugs. The Cardinal called upon the students of the University of Cracow to clean and restore the defiled tombstones. In 1964 on the Feast of Corpus Christi, he condemned the Communist government for anti-Semitism. In 1971 he spoke at the Cracow synagogue during a Friday night Sabbath service …’

Of this comment, Mr. David Yallop, the renowned author who exposed the Vatican’s cover-up of the murder of Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani, d. 1978) in his best-selling book, ‘In God’s Name’, succinctly added, ‘There is not one single word of truth in the above account’ (‘The Power and the Glory’, David Yallop, Constable and Robinson Ltd, London, p. 28). Polish author Tad Szulc, who had unlimited help from the Vatican during his research into the life of Karol Wojtyla, added a similar comment in his biography, ‘Pope John Paul II’; ‘We often encountered evasiveness surrounding the Pope’s childhood experience with the Jews in Wadowice’ (‘Pope John Paul II, The Biography’, Tad Szulc, Scribner, New York, USA, 1995). That is because there weren’t any experiences, and the Pope himself admitted that; ‘To the Polish Jew Marek Halter, who asked him decades later whether he had helped to save any Jews, John Paul II answered; ‘I cannot lay claim to what I did not do’ (‘His Holiness’, Carl Berstein and Marco Politi, Bantam Edition, 1997, p. 75).

The Vatican’s image makers

It was this initial manipulation of an image that did not correspond to reality that the public was presented with, and it is evident that the Holy See purposely misrepresented the truth to endow Pope John Paul II with a false sense of virtuosity. This deception concerned many observers, including David Yallop, who said:

‘That so many false claims should have been made regarding the Pope’s historic relationship and involvement with the Jewish people is highly disturbing. Equally troubling is the fact that neither Pope John Paul II nor any member of the Vatican, including his spin doctor, Dr. Joaquin Navarro Valls, ever tried to correct a false record that paints him in an undeserved light’.  

(‘The Power and the Glory’, David Yallop, Constable and Robinson Ltd, London, p. 250)

The creation of a false history to conceal the new Pope’s past served to defraud the populous of historical truth, which in legal terms is theft by deception, and this type of untruthful conduct is observable through the entire history of Catholicism. When the pages of the final assessment of John Paul II’s long and tedious pontificate are laid open for all to read, they will reveal that he deceived the world about his past, and reveled in the success of his dishonesty.

(An extract from, ‘Pope John Paul II’s Dark Secrets’, a pre-publication manuscript; from a chapter entitled; ‘Karol Wojtyla’s missing birth certificate’)


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