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Evidence that Pope John Paul II was a fraud

Vati Leaks - Monday, January 14, 2013
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When Karol Wojtyla assumed the papacy as Pope John Paul II in 1978, Vatican City was abuzz with rumors about his past. Now, Vatileaks researchers are asking the public for more information about those rumors to finalize a controversial new book about the future Saint’s life. This explosive critique looks at the life of John Paul II from a different perspective and provides radical new information about suppressed aspects of his life that was sourced, in part, from Vatican insiders.

A deluge of new facts

One of Pope John Paul II’s more famous biographies covered his years from 1938 and 1946 in just 72 words, and that is the time-frame in which we are particularly interested. This period of Karol Wojtyla’s life is not found in any records, and we are seeking additional information on his missing war years, along with other aspects of his life that have not yet been fully extricated;

1. Wojtyla achieved the rank of Officer in the Polish Army, but the full extent of his military career is not clear. We would like to know more about this period of his life, and also the depth of his involvement with UNIA, a Polish underground resistance movement.

2. Why did Cardinal Adam Sapieha remove Wojtyla’s employment records from the Solvay Chemical Plant?

3. We welcome any information about Baron Starowieyski’s family of Poland

4. Tour guides to the Birkenau gas chambers at Auschwitz tell tourists that Wojtyla once worked there. What was his job?

5. We would like to know why Wojtyla travelled under a false name

6. Our researchers would appreciate any information from the files of the Polish Secret Police on Wojtyla, opened in 1946 and a few months before he was ordained a priest.

7. We would like to know why Wojtyla’s theology doctorate was ‘withheld’ (confirmed in writing by Father Thomas Carde, the Rector of the Angelicum) amidst Vatican claims that ‘he excelled and was awarded the Doctorate of Divinity with the highest honours’ (Official Website of the Holy See).

8. We would welcome the date, or a copy of a ‘Public Notice’ about Karol Wojtyla’s past, published in a Polish newspaper as a warning to the public shortly after he became Auxiliary Bishop of Krakow in 1958.

9. We would like more information about the efforts of an internal Vatican sect’s attempts to overthrow Pope John Paul II during 1981-3

10. Additional information is required about Pope John Paul II’s involvement in the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, and the massacre of Swiss Guards in Vatican City in 1998.

The illusion of Pope John Paul II presented to the world today is one of deliberate deception, created from premeditated Vatican statements that bear no relation to historic fact, and designed to hide chilling realities about this pontiff. Significant perhaps, is the extent of what the Holy See purposely left out of the public record of his life, and that includes an urgent Jesuit memo sent to a member of the Holy See relating to the Pope’s sexual activities. It said this; ‘It must be made impossible for such a dangerous scandal ever to be made public’ (Ref. here). What that ‘scandal’ was is revealed in this new book by Tony Bushby called ‘Pope John Paul II’s Dark Secrets’ and it exposes the steadfast determination of the Holy See to present a false impression of papal piety.

What is the Vatican’s sinister secret?

This book reveals how the world was deceived by an edifice of lies issued by Pope John Paul II and supported by the Vatican hierarchy. We need your help to finalize the information in this book, so please write in if you have anything that can assist our cause. If you can help, please do not fear retaliation, because your name and details will be withheld, and therefore you are guaranteed absolute confidentiality in the treatment of your material.

Great rewards await the spirited

A monetary reward is offered for un-published photos or documentation that provides incontrovertible evidence of un-disclosed matters associated with the life of Karol Wojtyla in the areas of interest to the Vatileaks research team.

Let’s open negotiations!!!!

Contact in the first instance by email to;

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can send your information in utmost confidence to PO Box 417, Cooroy, Queensland, Australia, 4563

Alternatively, you can contact us by using the web form on the right or email;


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