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A frank Vatican confession

Vati Leaks - Thursday, January 24, 2013
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In regard to the veracity of the Christian Gospels, Catholic Encyclopedias previous to the revised 1907 editions said:

‘God neither inspired the sacred writers nor guarded them from all error; the Gospels in particular are not books worthy of historical belief, as their authors have consciously, though piously, falsified facts to justify their faith’.¹

The Vatican also admitted that the Gospel writers wrote what they liked; ‘It was the public character of all divines to mold and bend the sacred oracles until they complied with their own fancy, spreading them … like a curtain, closing together or drawing them back as they pleased’.² In other words, the Vatican effectively created a written devise called Gospels to instill and maintain a belief and used it to preach as true and accurate what it knows is false and fraudulent.

For knowledge of Jesus Christ one is completely dependent on the New Testament, yet the trustees of those writings formerly admit that they ‘contain fictions, of which many who know are ashamed’³. The fundamental nature of the New Testament is devoid of every element of genuineness and archival records confirm it as a work of falsehood knowingly deceptively presented to the laity. The Christian priesthood bases the total of their assertions on narratives that their forefathers personally acknowledged were premeditated forgeries originally created to impress the rabble population of the time in which they were written.

¹Catholic Encyclopedia, iii, p. 420, Ed. Cardinal Cardozia, published under the Imprimatur of ‘De Romano Pontiff’ (Pecci), 1897. Pecci was Pope Leo XIII (Vincenzo Gioacchino Pecci; 1810-1903)
²Catholic Encyclopedia, iv, 498
³Encyclopedia Britannica, Ninth Edition, Vol. 10, ‘Gospels’


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