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An old Bible - what does it say?

Quote of the day:

"The sight of dead popes hanging by the neck throughout the countryside was not uncommon".

The Bertinian Annals, c. 1020; also, Annals of Beneventum, written by monks of Italy; c. 1200-1400, held in the Monumenta Germaniae, V
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  1. Catholics burning New Testaments Vati Leaks 26-Nov-2015
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  11. Pope to review Vatican bureaucracy, scandal-ridden bank Vati Leaks 09-Apr-2013
  12. The Jesuit Pope and the secret of Jefferson’s Bible Vati Leaks 03-Apr-2013
  13. Cross of Christ ‘invented’ Vati Leaks 26-Mar-2013
  14. Pope Francis and the ‘madman’ Vati Leaks 21-Mar-2013
  15. False papal statements issued by Vatican Press Office Vati Leaks 13-Mar-2013
  16. Vatileaks predicts a French Pope Vati Leaks 11-Mar-2013
  17. Conclaves sodden with corruption Vati Leaks 07-Mar-2013
  18. The bombshell set to rock the Vatican Vati Leaks 04-Mar-2013
  19. Lightning strike bad omen for Vatican Vati Leaks 28-Feb-2013
  20. Pope Benedict XVI’s dark legacy Vati Leaks 25-Feb-2013
  21. The last Pope and the secret prophecies of Nostradamus Vati Leaks 21-Feb-2013
  22. Vatican loses fight to keep sex files secret Vati Leaks 18-Feb-2013
  23. Position vacant: New Pope Wanted Vati Leaks 14-Feb-2013
  24. The Vatican’s ‘Book of the Popes’ fictitious Vati Leaks 11-Feb-2013
  25. ‘Drunk as a pope’ (origin of the saying) Vati Leaks 07-Feb-2013
  26. The Encyclopedia the Vatican suppressed Vati Leaks 04-Feb-2013
  27. How much longer can the Vatican avoid priest sex abuse charges? Vati Leaks 28-Jan-2013
  28. A frank Vatican confession Vati Leaks 24-Jan-2013
  29. The boy pope Vati Leaks 21-Jan-2013
  30. Evidence that Pope John Paul II was a fraud Vati Leaks 14-Jan-2013
  31. Judge orders confidential Vatican files to be released Vati Leaks 09-Jan-2013
  32. Bank card payments suspended in Vatican Vati Leaks 07-Jan-2013
  33. A glaring omission in World’s oldest Bible Vati Leaks 02-Jan-2013
  34. QUOTE OF THE YEAR Vati Leaks 29-Dec-2012
  35. Bibles banned in Berlin schools Vati Leaks 24-Dec-2012
  36. ‘Scared about the Mayan prophesy? Leave your possessions to the Church’ Vati Leaks 19-Dec-2012
  37. Italian Catholic Church to pay property tax from next year Vati Leaks 14-Dec-2012
  38. Why aren't Christians told about this? Vati Leaks 10-Dec-2012
  39. Christ, the 'drunkard' Vati Leaks 06-Dec-2012
  40. The Pope who ruled Christianity from a cave Vati Leaks 03-Dec-2012
  41. Pope’s new book sourced from fictitious writings Vati Leaks 26-Nov-2012
  42. Was the Third Secret of Fatima subtly revealed in 1969? Vati Leaks 21-Nov-2012
  43. Prince Charles supported arrested paedophile bishop Vati Leaks 19-Nov-2012
  44. The great Vatican fraud Vati Leaks 14-Nov-2012
  45. NEWSFLASH: Dramatic collapse of Catholic worshippers Vati Leaks 12-Nov-2012
  46. Priests who ‘crash’ Vati Leaks 05-Nov-2012
  47. Tampered biblical texts Vati Leaks 31-Oct-2012
  48. Why Napoleon dismantled Christianity Vati Leaks 19-Oct-2012
  49. Mythical Vatican predecessors Vati Leaks 09-Oct-2012
  50. The ‘holy Ghost’ hoax Vati Leaks 01-Oct-2012
  51. The fake ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ Vati Leaks 24-Sep-2012
  52. When multiple popes ruled Christianity Vati Leaks 18-Sep-2012
  53. The Pope’s oracular skull Vati Leaks 13-Sep-2012
  54. The Bible is fiction; PART 3 Vati Leaks 03-Sep-2012

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