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The fake ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’

Theologians, historians and Christians are currently intrigued by last week’s release of an ancient scrap of faded papyrus that academics claim dates to the Fourth Century and mentions Jesus Christ saying that he had a wife. In Rome last week, Professor Karen L. King, a historian of early Christianity at the Harvard Divinity School, announced that she had in her possession a fragment of papyrus written in Coptic with the words: ‘Jesus said to them, 'My wife‘. The revelation by Ms. King caused a stir in the academic world and reignited a debate several centuries old about whether or not the Gospel Jesus Christ was married to the Gospel whore, Mary Magdalene.

Suspicious origins surround the papyrus

King says that ‘nothing is known about the circumstances of its discovery’, an admission that set alarm bells ringing amongst scholars the world over. Three recognized academics reviewed the papyrus, and two immediately questioned its authenticity. The fragment records thirty-three words, and is about the size of a match box, with only parts of some sentences being eligible.

The reality of the matter

Whatever its provenance, the papyrus fragment is totally worthless because the Gospel Jesus Christ never existed. The Vatican cannot bring forth evidence for the existence of Jesus Christ because it is aware of the extent of the hoax perpetrated by earlier popes and is, of necessity silenced, although complicit in the fraud.

Many popes admitted that Jesus Christ never existed

The non-historicity of Jesus Christ is the central core of declaring that the words on this scrap of papyrus are of no value for anything, for many popes frankly stated that Jesus Christ never lived. For example, Pope Paul III (1534-1549) said that ‘there is no valid document to demonstrate the existence of Jesus Christ’, adding ‘that Jesus Christ had never existed’ (Christ on Trial, Tony Bushby, Vatileaks Publishing, 2012). He was one of many popes who denied the existence of Jesus Christ and that included Boniface VIII (1294-1303) who stood up at a General Council at the University of Paris and, in front of King Philip of France, five archbishops, and twenty-two bishops, and said;

‘There was no Jesus Christ and the Eucharist is just flour and water. Mary was no more a virgin than my own mother, and there is no more harm in adultery than in rubbing your hands together’.

(A History of the Popes, Dr. Joseph McCabe, Rector of Buckingham College; d. 1955; C. A. Watts and Co, London; also, Encyclopedia Britannica; Pope Boniface VIII; c. 1234-1303; pope from 1294-1303).

Pope Alexander VI (1431-1503) openly revealed his thoughts about the fabricated nature of the Christian religion, saying; ‘Almighty God! How long will this superstitious sect of Christians, and this upstart invention, endure?

Christians live their lives around a fiction

Catholic historians writhe when they read that Pope Julius II (1443-1513) said, ‘Christians are the unstable, unlettered, superstitious masses’ (Diderot’s Encyclopèdie, 1759), and then set out to kill them, with the world knowing little about his ‘horrible massacre of Christians by which he was stained’ (The History of Romanism, Rev. John Dowling, A. M., Pastor of the Berean Church, New York, 1845, p. 450). In 1514, Pope Leo X, in the company of ‘seven intimates’ (Annales Ecclesiastici, Cardinal Baronius) in the Vatican, raised a chalice of wine into the air and toasted:

‘How well we know what a profitable superstition this fable of Christ has been for us and our predecessors’.

The Pope’s pronouncement is documented in the records of Cardinal Pietro Bembo (His Letters and Comments on Pope Leo X, Reprint 1842) and Cardinal Jovius (De Vita Leonis X, originally published in 1551), two associates who were witnesses to Pope Leo’s celebratory confession. Cardinal Baronius confessed:

‘The Pontiff has been accused of atheism, for he denied God, and called Christ, in front of Cardinals Pietro Bembo, Jovius and Iacopo Sadoleto, and other intimates, ‘a fable’ … this must be hidden’.

(Annales Ecclesiastici, Folio viii and xi, Antwerp, 1597, Cardinal Baronius)

These and similar declarations provide the cornerstone of evidence that supports the scenario that Jesus Christ was a theological fiction, not a physical reality, and the ‘Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’ is just as worthless as the canonical Christian Gospels. It is another overhyped archaeological ‘discovery’ similar to the so-called ‘James’ ossuary’ that was subsequently revealed as a pre-meditated fraud, and is another vain attempt by believers to try and establish the reality of the Gospel Jesus Christ amidst all the evidence to the opposite.

Quote of the day:

"We prelates and clergy, have gone astray from the right path, and for a long time there is none that have done good, no, no one".

Pope Adrian VI, 1522-1523
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