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Genuinely new information

There are persistent rumours in Rome that highly placed officials in the Vatican have long had evidence that both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are of human origin. Those rumors are authenticated in the upcoming publication of two new books by VatiLeaks, and from those publications, the following information is to be revealed to the world for the first time:

  • The nature of Divinity, and how it was lost in all Bibles published since 265 BCE.
  • Why popes must lie.
  • The ‘religious secret’ of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.
  • The use of extra-terrestrial technology to create the Original Sacred Scripture.
  • The pages of the Koran ‘not to be made public’, and their damaging link to vital Gospel narratives.
  • The secret properties of Sacred Scripture, and why it has always been considered ‘Divine’.

For a long time now, there has been a widespread belief that something important has been concealed from the world about the origin of the Christian religion, and this site is to disclose exactly what it is.

In the most disturbing revelation in the history of Christianity, VatiLeaks is soon to reveal the core secret of the Knights Templar, the Cathars, the Rosicrucians, the Priory of Sion, and the information that made Abbe Sauniere of Rennes-Le-Chateau rich and famous... the true identity of Christ.

The VatiLeaks team has discovered the ‘Ark of the Covenant’.


Just what was the ‘Ark of the Covenant’?

The discovery of the biblical ‘Ark of the Covenant’ remains the aspiration of every modern-day Indiana Jones and every swashbuckler, but this celebrated treasure has so far eluded detection by everyone who has set out in its search. There are 179 references to the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ in the Bible, and when analyzed, the ‘Ark’ itself was an enclosure built to protect an exceptional object of some sort that was housed within the confines of the Ark.

It is little-known, but not one biblical narrative describes what was actually accommodated within the confines of the Ark, and the reason for that is simple: the authors of the Bible had never seen it.

The Bible’s ‘native myths’

The biblical accounts were compiled millennia after the time of its existence, and they were allegorical attempts to describe the existence of something elusive and complex that originally created a lasting memory passed down through the ages by oral tradition. Their contradictions about its size, its capabilities, and what happened to it, supports ever-growing evidence that the Old Testament was not composed of hard facts or literal versions of ancient events, with this belief supported in one of the oldest extant records from Alexandria, Egypt;

‘It [the Old Testament] is a collection of ancestral customs, native myths, and ancestral philosophy’.
(‘The Letter of Aristeas’, c. 280 BCE)

We can dismiss the theories presented by later theologians of what was in the biblical Ark, because they didn’t know.

What did Mohammed’s oral revelations reveal?

There is another, later religious description of an object of an unusual nature that was revered, and it was possibly the same as that of the biblical ‘Ark of the Covenant’. It is found in the Koran, the sacred book of Mohammedans, and there are a dozen or so references to an enigmatic and indefinable object that had a particular name, but it wasn’t called the ‘Ark of the Covenant’.

Could these two religious writings be referring to the same object of antiquity? It is certainly possible. We must remember that the Bible and the Koran are ecclesiastical writings, not historic records, and they advance a particular type of theological interpretation that was never originally meant to be taken literally.

What Alexander the Great said about the ‘Ark of the Covenant’

There are more treasures to be discovered in faded old scrolls and miscellaneous records of antiquity than there are in field trips to archaeological sites or excavating around the ruins of old stone structures. When we study the ancient historic accounts of various nations, the existence of a captivating ‘intelligent object’ is frequently mentioned, and it was sighted variously in Ethiopia, Arabia, Babylonia, Tibet, Egypt, India, and Palestine. This object had supernatural powers, and Alexander the Great (c. 330 BCE), in amazement, described it as a ’Kosmic Kraft’.

What the records of history say

So remarkable was the impression that this ‘Thing’ had upon the people during its centuries-long journey through various countries, a spate of written recollections were compiled, and they came from early, knowledgeable sources. Those who witnessed first-hand the sight of this awesome object sparked a story retold down through the generations, for the large contingent of people travelling with ‘it’ presented it as ‘the presence of God on Earth’. At one stage in time, Babylonian monarchs built an exotic structure specifically to house it, only to have an opposing force invade their country, ‘capture’ the object, and remove it to another country. At another stage in its existence, it spent 28 years in the ‘City of Scrolls’, but where that actually was in history has not been clearly defined (maybe Byblos).

An enduring mystery nears an end

The following is a summary of some historical records that divulges an ancient pre-occupation with this enthralling ‘object of antiquity’:

  1. An Ethiopian document that had its origin around 850 BCE, said this:
    ‘And it catcheth the eye by force, and it astonisheth the mind and stupefieth it with wonder; it was made by the mind of God and not by the artificer, man, but he himself created it for the habitation of his glory’.
  2. An archaic Babylonian stone inscription describes a ‘living object’ that was ‘admired excessively, a heavenly phenomenon, full of mystery’.
  3. A 9th CE book by renowned Muslim author, Ibn al-Kalbi (‘Kitab-al-Asnam’) describes centuries of ancient pre-Islamic beliefs about idols, and he records this intriguing passage about something exceptional:
    ‘It is old. Its origin is unknown, yet some said that it was a cosmic substance, and an object of mystical contemplation. It was not fully understood. It once had many servants, and they honoured it above all other idols. Still, it was more than an idol, for it was an object of excessive devotion … some were fearful of it’.
  4. An old scroll that was part of a hoard uncovered in 1896 in a Cairo Genizah by Solomon Schechter (d. 1915) describes ‘a curious contrivance …kept covered with silk cloth … and moved about only at night … it had sacred discourses upon its surface’ (‘The Targumin of the Synagogues’, attributed to Dositheus).
  5. The Tibetan ‘Kantyua’ records a section on ‘Creation’ stories, and mentions ‘an object … that came to Earth as part of the evidence of the Eternal Name’.
  6. The records of the Caliphs provide dramatic eye-witness accounts of its nature. In 1320 CE, Abu Abu al-Fida and Sultan al-Nasa Muhammud were reverently shown a ‘most exquisite object … that bewitched their eyes’ … it was forever guarded’.
  7. Likenesses of its characteristics were abstrusely preserved in the amulets of the early Kabbalists, in a miniature Koran of the Haussa people of northern Nigeria, and within the initiated design of ritual head-gear of a particular African tribe.

So what was it?

There is an answer.

It exists today, and the VatiLeaks team are in epistolary exchange with its Trustees.

We are sincere in our efforts to bring forth suppressed and/or new knowledge about the biblical past. If all goes well, we hope to soon be in a position to freely reveal detailed information about the deployment of this 17,000 year-old otherworldly object, and in doing so, present our followers with something that they won’t find on any other website.

In summary: The VatiLeaks team has discovered the ‘Ark of the Covenant’.

Quote of the day:

"Needless to say that they [the legends of the ‘saints’] do not embody any real historical information and their chief utility is to afford an example of the pious popular credulity of the times".

Catholic Encyclopedia, Farley Ed., Vol., i, p. 131
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