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Vatican media reports

While many Catholics assume that the clergy sex abuse crisis has mostly passed, media reports published in the last seven days of September, 2011 reveal that this is not so. A few headlines from 350 or so relating to the Catholic Church appearing in that one week are recorded here:;

"Amnesty International report finds clerical sex abuse was "torture""
(BBC News)

"Pope admits to "questionable" reputation of the Catholic Church during final day in Germany"
(Daily Mail)

"3,000 new claims for abuse payments submitted in Ireland"
(Irish Times)

"Lawsuit filed alleging sexual abuse by nuns at St. Ignatius Mission"
(Montana, USA, Missoulian)

"Archdiocese moved money from parishes to pay abuse victims"
(National Catholic Reporter)

"Catholic Church pays bills for suspended priest"
(The Press)

"10,000 new sex abuse claims expected against Catholic Church in Canada"

"Disgusted" clerical abuse victims demand compensation"
(Times of Malta)

"Pope may resign soon, says Italian media"

"Priesthood abuse in Ireland amounted to torture"
(Amnesty International)

"Catholic Church denies fresh claim of abuse cover-up"
(The Australian)

"Attorneys file another child sex abuse lawsuit against Catholic diocese"
(NBC, Montana)

"Sinead O"connor wants to shoot Pope Benedict if he comes to Ireland"
(Irish Central)

"Priest"s rape trial set"
(The Inquirer)

"Another Catholic sexual abuse case filed in US by 47 victims"
(SNAP; Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests)

"In the case against Vatican officials for rape and sexual violence, we"ve come to the end of the beginning"
(Center for Constitutional Rights)

"Alleged abuse "monstrous", says Weatherill"
(Sydney Morning Herald)

"Paedophile ring in Irish Catholic Church expected to be confirmed in October"

"Proposed law would eliminate Statute of Limitations on sex abuse"
(Boston Globe)

"In Germany, a lukewarm reception for Pope Benedict XVI
(The Time)

"New lawsuit filed against Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena alleges sex abuse by nuns"
(The Republic)

"Northern Ireland Government to probe church sex abuse"
(National Catholic Reporter)

"Houston Catholic charities accused of covering-up abuse of 8-year-old"
(Houston, Texas, LezGetReal)

Protestant church also accused of sexual abuse

(Netherlands; Dutch News)

"Widespread and systematic sexual violence from Ireland to Australia"
(SNAP; "Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests"; Wisconsin, USA)

"Sex abuse claim traps Church in tangled web
(West Australian)

"The Catholic Church in Charlotte facing two lawsuits"
(Charlotte (NC) Newschannel 36)

"Priest sodomy case delayed"
(Louisville (KY) WLKY)

"Catholic abuse scandals show no signs of abating"
(SentinelOnline, British Columbia)

This summary of international media reports in the last week of September, 2011 reveals that pedophilia in the Church is not an isolated, random sexual assault by an occasional errant priest, but a worldwide phenomenon occurring on a daily basis.

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