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'Extermination Decrees' issued by the Vatican

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It is a fact of Catholic history that six Vatican councils certified the issuance of official Extermination Decrees against innocent human beings, and these deliberations are documented in the papal bulls signed by popes.

In 1231, Pope Gregory IX formally 'inserted into the papal registers … the death penalty for heresy … and issued a constitution in which he codified earlier papal legislation on the subject' ('The Popes, A Concise Biographical History', Burns and Oates, Publishers to the Holy See, London, 1964, p. 228). On behalf of the Christian religion, he updated an earlier decree of Pope Leo I (d. 461), who in the Fifth Century, formulated into Catholic dogma an official Christian policy of the right to murder disbelievers ('heretics'). The imposition of an official death-penalty as a major principle of the Christian religion puts a singular light on the false claims that the Church of Christ teaches its followers to love even their enemies. Even in modern-times, in Canon Law, the Church claims that it can legally put heretics to death (See, Dr. McCabe's, 'Papacy in Politics Today', 1937, pp. 37-8).

The 'sadist monster'

The words of Pope Gregory IX (1147-1241) confirm the Vatican's malicious attitude towards heretical truths, for we read his commands to his clergy to instruct …

… the layman, when he hears any speak ill of the Christian faith, to defend it not with words but with the sword, which he should thrust into the other's belly as far as it will go.

(Chronicles of the Crusade, G. de Villehardouin, p. 148)

Christian writers, with a habitual indifference to the truth, would have us overlook these facts, and accept their artifice that the 'Holy Fathers' were men of pious integrity. The whole world at that time saw that Gregory IX really wanted additional territories and wealth, and the public outcry was so great that the Romans once again destroyed the Lateran Palace. The official records of Gregory IX's life boasts that he 'condemned to be burned alive many priests and clerics, and thousands of lay people of both sexes' ('Rerum Italicarum Scripores', VII; in Muratori). The Romans were so offended with the brutal wickedness of the 'sadist monster' that he was expelled from the city three times in seven years, and his death, amidst wild rejoicing, let loose throughout Christendom a flood of disdainful epithets and lewd stories about his depraved life.

The Vatican's long history of ordering murders

Another well-recorded example of the Vatican's issuance of 'orders to kill' is that of the infamous Council of Constance (1414-17) with three legal popes in attendance. Having earlier burnt John Wycliffe (d. 1384) at the stake, the council ordered the burning of John Hus (d. 1415), and then issued Extermination Decrees against thousands of Hus and Wycliffe's followers (Wyclifites). The Catholic Encyclopedia, in discussing the decrees of the council, played down Christian brutality by saying; 'Not only did the Council seek to end the papal schism, it dealt with the heresies of Wycliffe and Hus, which had been troubling the Church for some time'. This council declared that 'Wycliffe was a heretic, and ordered his bones be dug up and thrown upon a dung-hill'. In 1428, some 44 years after Wycliffe's death, Pope Martin V (1417-1431) enforced the sentence, and Wycliffe's remains were removed from his grave at Lutterworth, burnt to ashes, and cast into the River Swift.

Blood on the popes' hands

To conceal the true nature of popes and the murderous edicts they signed against disbelievers, the Vatican later published hundreds of false eulogistic pages in which it presented its pontiffs as pious, dignified, spiritual leaders of the Christian faith, glossing their actions with misleading information such as, for example saying that 'the pope suppressed a heresy' instead of truthfully saying that he ordered the murder of thousands of innocent people. The official 'Book of the Popes' is one such fabrication and the Vatican itself admits that it is 'quite untrustworthy and can be ignored' ('The Popes, A Concise Biographical History', Burns and Oates, Publishers to the Holy See, London, 1964, p. 32). However, Catholic authors regularly quote the Vatican-produced falsehood as factual, and continue to deceive people about the true nature of popes and the real purpose of their office.

Today's 'holy' pretence

There is no parallel to these cruel crimes in the history of world religions. Yet we are thought offensive if we refuse to speak devoutly of a divinely-guided 'Holy Mother Church'. One smiles at the fervor with which Catholic apologists approach these devastating records of Christian history, and how they present the popes' mass murders as pious papal attributes. The Vatican hierarchy today is artful enough to observe a profound silence with regard to many similar papal pronouncements, such as, 'crimes against the faith were high treason, and as such were punishable with death' (Catholic Encyclopedia, Farley Ed., Vol., xiv, p. 768). The Holy See subsequently transformed its eradication doctrines into shining virtues, adding this confounding statement; 'The custom of burning heretics is really not a question of justice, but a question of civilization' (Catholic Encyclopedia, Farley Ed., Vol., xiv, p. 769). In Vatican talk, that really means 'a civilization of exterminated disbelievers'.

© Tony Bushby 2002-2012

(Extracts from an upcoming book by Tony Bushby called, 'The Criminal History of the Catholic Church')

Quote of the day:

"Fable should be taught as fable, myth as myth, and miracles as poetic fancies. To teach superstitions as truth is horrifying. The mind of a child accepts them and only through great pain, perhaps tragedy, can the child be relieved of them"

Hypatia of Alexandria (375-415)
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