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The Pope's Fatima fraud

The extraordinary events that took place outside Fatima in 1917 are well recorded but the Vatican's deception that followed has not received the publicity that it deserves. The episode centred around three illiterate shepherd children, Jacinta Martos (7), his sister, Francesco Martos (9), and their cousin, Lucia Dos Santos (10), and to this day their supernatural encounters remain an unexplained enigma that stubbornly resists any conventional explanation.

Amazing scenes

The children received a total of six visitations from an 'entity' they described as 'twelve or thirteen years of age … lovely, shining like the sun' that came from the sky in a 'globe of light' and spoke to them in a series of unusual discourses. Reverend General Vicar of Leiria, one of the eyewitnesses, added that the lady arrived in an 'aero-plane of light, an immense globe, flying westwards, at moderate speed. It radiated a very bright light'. Other witnesses described a fair-headed young lady 'more beautiful than any woman they had ever seen' who stepped from the landed globe through an oval door, into which, several minutes later she re-entered and silently flew away, disappearing in the direction of the sun.

Pope Pius XII feigns a 'miracle'

With the Fatima episode, we again witness the dishonesty of the papacy and its efforts to promote its dogma by purposely fooling people with blatant deceptions. A little more than two decades after the bizarre encounters near Fatima, Eugenio Mary Giuseppe Giovanni Pacelli assumed the office of pope (1939-58) under the name of Pius XII. He was a 'master of propaganda' ('The Popes', Burns and Oates, Publishers to the Holy See, 1964, p. 468) and used his cunning and imaginative twisting of the facts to revive the Fatima phenomenon for the advantage of the Holy Mother Church. He publicly claimed that Virgin Mary appeared to him in a vision and secretly told him that she would provide him with a supernatural replay of the earlier Fatima 'miracle of the sun' while he was alone in the Vatican gardens ('Osservatore Romano', the Vatican's official newspaper). Pius XII's false allegation was a cause for mirth to many, and a great embarrassment for Catholics, particularly in Protestant countries, and Catholics themselves were skeptical of the Pope's claims. The city of Rome shook with cynical laughter when Pius XII's spoke of his 'vision' and the secret 'replay', but oblivious to the shame, he 'captured' the miracle and called the 'entity', 'Virgin Mary … Our Lady of Fatima'.

Pope ordered publication of stolen photos

In March 1952, Pius XII ordered the editor of the Vatican's official newspaper, 'Osservatore Romano', to publish two photographs that he certified were of 'rigorously authentic origin' ('Catholic Imperialism and World Freedom', Avro Manhattan, Watts and Co., London, 1952, p. 54). They purported to show the sun on the horizon at Fatima at noon on October 13, 1917, but the pictures were knowingly falsely presented by Pius XII for they were taken not in 1917 at noon at Fatima, but at sunset at Batalha in 1921, some twenty-five kilometres from Fatima. The photos were originally taken by Antonio Mendoca, an amateur photographer who later revealed the fraud to the media. His brother, Dr. Joao de Mendoca, a member of the reception committee at the Shrine of Fatima, stole the photos from Antonio's album and gave them to the Cardinal Papal Legate at Fatima late in October 1951. In February, 1952, Pope Pius XII, Cardinal Tedeschini, and other members of the Holy See held a meeting to discuss what advantage could be made of the photos, and a decision was made that the Vatican officially provide a seal of authenticity to the Fatima miracle to further entrap believers¹.

¹ (Cardinal Tedeschini, 23.10.1951, Fatima, Portugal; for further details see the 'Osservatore Romano', sundry numbers, second week of March, 1952; Also, Time magazine, 17.3.1952; also, 'The Voice of Fatima', March, 1952)

The conspiracy of the Holy See

Within a few days of the stolen photographs appearing in 'Osservatore Romano', they were reprinted in newspapers and magazines around the globe, thus convincing a new generation of Catholics of the 'proof' of the Virgin Mary's appearances at Fatima in 1917. However, public scorn and ridicule was heaped upon the Vatican when later international disclosures revealed that the pictures were knowingly 'falsely presented' by Pope Pius XII (See the Catholic weekly, 'Universe', 14.3.1952).

The Pope's second deception

The Vatican then added another deception to its story, publicly stating that 70,000 people witnessed the 'Virgin Mary' at the last of the six sightings at Fatima. Official police documents of the day, however recorded that the crowd was 'near to five thousand', nowhere near the Vatican's grandiose figure. Moreover, eyewitness reports of the events conflicted with later Vatican accounts of the same events, and the claim by Catholic authorities that the supernatural encounters were of a religious nature specifically associated with Catholicism was another untruth.

The forged versions of the Fatima secret

The one-page Fatima message was hand-written by Lucia Dos Santos' mother from what her daughter told her of the conversations, and it was subsequently delivered to the Church and stored in the office of the bishop of Leiria-Fatima. It was later couriered to the Vatican amidst great fanfare and then a number of elaborate forged versions of particularly the 'third secret' started to appear under mysterious circumstances in 'diplomatic circles' in Rome. Some were 50-pages in size and they piously defended the Christian faith and spoke glowingly of the Pope and the Church, but the Italian media quickly revealed them as unashamed Vatican forgeries printed on the Holy See's own printing presses by the Church of Rome's division of propaganda ('Propaganda Fide').

The 'secret beyond the secret'

Pope John XXIII (1958-1963) succeeded Pius XII and, nearing the 1960 date of the requested public disclosure of the Fatima message, deep interest from all parts of the world developed. It was rumoured that late in 1959 Pope John XXIII and a cardinal opened and read the message and both men were so shocked that neither was able to speak. The Pope decided not to disclose the contents of the communication, purportedly saying;

'It was the secret beyond the secret that was not to be revealed'.

John XXIII, being the matter-of-fact man that he was, and fully realizing the implications if the Fatima fraud was exposed, then ordered Vatican hierarchs to immediately stop 'la pulcinellada', a Venetian slang word meaning leg-pulling or burlesque.

Three important things to know about Virgin Mary and the Fatima secret

1. Pope John XXIII's 'secret beyond the secret' was this: The 'entity' with which the three children sojourned never said or implied that she was the Gospel Virgin Mary (Lucia's own words, 1931). That was a Vatican concoction.

2. Secondly, none of the Christian Gospels in their earliest form recorded the existence of a woman called Mary and a virgin birth:

'The remark has long ago and often been made that, like Paul, even the earliest Gospels knew nothing of the miraculous birth of our Saviour'.

('Encyclopedia Biblica', iii, 3344)

That is because there wasn't one.

3. Thirdly, the Vatican frankly admitted that Virgin Mary was politically created at the third Council at Ephesus in 431 CE when Bishop Cyril of Alexandria (d. 444 CE) embraced the cause of the highly-esteemed Egyptian goddess, Isis and anthropomorphized her into Mary, who then became a 'new' mother-of-God for the developing Christian religion. It was shortly after that council that Church scribes wrote and then inserted forty-eight fictitious passages into a new opening of the Gospel of Matthew. Thus, the virgin birth story entered the Gospels with more than 1200 false words that were made up basically of existential theology current at that time.

It was not 'Virgin Mary' at Fatima

The Vatican again confirmed the fabricated nature of the Gospel Virgin Mary saying that New Testament passages narrating a miraculous birth 'were later additions to the original body of the apostolic catechesis' ('New Catholic Encyclopedia', Farley Ed., Vol., xiv, p. 693) and 'derived from extraneous sources' (Ibid, 'Emmanuel'). In other words, the 'virgin birth' narratives in today's Gospels are priesthood forgeries, and there never was a 'Virgin Mary' who could have appeared at Fatima.


The unashamed deception of Pope Pius XII was never rebuked by later popes, but, rather, was industriously stimulated by them for the rich revenues that the results of the Fatima deception produced. The Vatican has never released the real 'third secret of Fatima' and never will. However, for those who wish to know what the Holy See is concealing from the public, the revelation of the 'Third Secret of Fatima' is published in a book by Tony Bushby called 'The Christ Scandal' available at Notwithstanding the scandal and shock of discovering that the Catholic priesthood is a well-organized international paedophile ring supported by popes, cardinals and bishops, the Vatican today carries on quietly with its Fatima deception and that begs the question; 'What kind of values are really at the core of the Christian religion?'

Tony Bushby

Quote of the day:

"Whatever a theologian regards as true must be false, there you have almost a criterion of truth".

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, The Antichrist, 1888
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